Monday, January 02, 2012

Tax revenue and spending

From Congressional Budget Office:

US Budget at end of 2011

Tax revenue: 2.3 trillion
Spending: 3.6 trillion
Deficit: 1.3 trillion
GDP: 15 trillion
Deficit as a percentage of GDP: 8.7%

Break down of the tab:
Social security: 725B, 4.8%
Defense: 700B, 4.7%
Medicare: 480B, 3.2%
Medicaid: 275B, 1.8%
Other formula based, such as unemployment insurance, civilian government and military retirement, veteran's benefit, earned income tax credit, food stamp, etc: 545B, 3.6%
Interest servicing debt: 227B, 1.5%
Non-defense discretionary: 646B, 4.3%

Time wasters

The challenge is to overcome these time wasters and become more productive and effective.

  1. Planning

  • over-planning

  • lack of written goals and deadlines

  • taking on too much

  • failure to divide projects into manageable tasks

  • lack specific plan of activities to meet goals selected

  • lack of daily planning

  • shifting priorities constantly

  • lack of contingency planning

  • not monitoring progress throughout the process

  • mis-estimating the amount of work needed

  1. Organizing and Managing Yourself

  • unorganized and messy work area

  • lost time spent search

  • procrastination

  • lack of self discipline

  • unfinished projects

  • excessive socializing

  • inability to say “no”

  • perfectionism

  • lack of personal focus

  1. Organizing and Managing Your Environment

  • email overload

  • telephone interruptions

  • drop-in visitors

  • paperwork overload

  • meetings

  • lack of authority/ misunderstood authority

  • duplication of effort

  • lack of training

  • inadequate equipment or facilities

  • unclear communication