Friday, May 07, 2010

What is conservative American thinking?

To me conservative American thinking is saying "I don't want a dime of the money I earned to be taxed to support the poor and needy. If they are sick, injured, or stuggling with inherited disease, it's their problem, not mine."

My value has always been that people who are fortunately endowed with health, intelligence, good family upbringing, and good luck in business dealing should help out the unfortunate and deprived. It's a fact that there are people born poor and sick. Human society should lend a hand to where God has failed.

Compare to Scandinavia countries America is too big to form a sense of society. Immigration, ever changing technology, and traditional individualism all contributed to what America is today. "If I help others, will they help me when I need it?" "The weak need to be culled from the herd" These are all commonly seen on internet posts. Social fabric does not exist. It's every man for himself.

Work Against Yourself

The market is a big propaganda and marketing machine. When you fell good and want to deploy your cash it's the most dangerous time. Sell immediately! On the other hand, when market depress you and you don't want to hear or read anything about market it is time to buy. This is why investment is hard. You need to work against yourself.

Know yourself: your analytical brain can be easily overcome by your emotional brain.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


May 1 - Crab grass is shooting up in our vegie garden. Saturday monging I went out to pull the weeds by hand but they are too many. I went back to our deck to get the spade and I started to kill the weed by the 10s.

Since stone age human discover that, with the right tools, you can be so much more effective and productive.

Economic progress relies on better tools. If we continue to build better tools we will continue to improve our productivity, which is essential to standard of living.

Since humanity acquired tools we are not afraid of lions, tigers, and even the great white sharks. In fact with the right tools we are the predators to these once alpha animals. I feel so fortunate that I live in an era full of tools to address all types of problems.