Saturday, March 25, 2006


Dad used to argue with me that there is no God. His evidence is that people around him who are pious Christians usually has less fortune and good luck than he does. And this is an evidence that there can not be God.

Dad had it wrong. He approaches the religious question with a scientific/detective mind. He trys to find evidence of God's existence and found nothing there. But the question is not a scientific or empirical one. It is a humanity one.

I ask another question: why since ancient time people around the world - from oceanic islands to continental India to the Middle East - have their own religion? Isn't this prevalent existence of religious practice a proof that people needed God?
When there is no God, people create their own God. Muslim, Budism, Christianity, Judaism, Greek Gods, or idol worship, religious practice is an important part of life since ancient time from a cultural anthropology perspective.

I guess God is created because life is painful. We face hunger, cold, disease, war, power struggle, and toil for a living in our lives. God is the ideology, the faith, the mindset needed to deal with all these.

Humanbeing created God, because we are in need of a God. It is in our human nature to have faith, and with that faith we are connected with something larger than our lives.

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