Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Taiwan Independence

If Taiwanese have a choice between becoming a state of United States or a province of China, the former will win with a super majority. Why? The US constitution will guarantee Taiwan a high degree of autonomy, continued democracy, and a rule of law.

Although the Chinese economy is growing briskly, China remains an autocratic regime. Government power is arbitrary and sustained by gun and nationalism. Tibetan protests are suppressed with ruthless military action. Human right advocates receive jail time rather than Congressional medal-of-honor. Internet is censored so people of grievance lost their voice. It is scary under Chinese rule.

Because of this nature of Chinese government, difference in regional interest will be resolved by gun rather than in court. Taiwan has no chance of winning any difference.

Taiwan’s president Ma is improving the relationship with China. But he would be foolish to surrender Taiwan’s sovereignty. It is Taiwanese sovereignty that guaranteed the freedom of its people, including the rights to sue their own government and replace a bad government by election. This is the only reason that an $11 billion worth of weapon purchase from the US can be justified. It is the price we paid to have political freedom.

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