Sunday, December 18, 2011

Note to self

What is my next job?

After 5 years in my current job I have come to a point where every aspect of this job I feel competent and proficient. But I also come to a point where I feel very little learning and growth.

Client specific plan rules are all documented. If I remember anything I will likely forget it in a while. There is nothing inherently valuable in knowing these rules. You can always read them and review a few cases to a point you can do the job.

Can I be a CSM or PM? These roles are a step closer to the client so relationship and negotiation skills are a lot more important.

You can no longer be self-reliant. You will have to rely on others to deliver. That means management skills are more important than technical skills.

Can you manage the relationship?
Can you lead and influence the team to deliver results?
Can you find a balance between client's need and your company's cost?
How do you keep your team motivated and working for a common good?

This is a note to myself so I can measure my progress down the road. It is also a reminder why I move out of my comfort zone into a role that I have never played.

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