Friday, March 02, 2012

The lesson from Zappos

“delivering happiness” is a philosophy anyone can apply to business and all other areas of life.

To be successful company you need a distinctive brand, a pipeline for developing talent, and a creative corporate culture, all built on collegial fun and customer service.

First impression is important, but part of your brand is built on consistency. It's important to be consistent in the right things, and these are not always the obvious things or the most easily measured things.

Some customers are concerned with "What happens if I make a decision that I don't like or that I need to change?" The concept of "Make it easy for the customer to change their mind, and therefore have peace of mind" has proven profitable. Warrantee should comes with product as well as service. It may be costly in the short term but the lasting effect on customer satisfaction will win over time. The reputational effect is what you count on to be successful long term in your professional field.

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