Thursday, May 10, 2012

On homosexuality

昨天北卡州以公民投票 通過了第一憲法修正案

在我看來,civil union 也一並禁止,是極不人道的。 打擊同性戀者不會使你的婚姻更穩固。任何人有打擊同性戀者這種想法,都是因為害怕自己的婚姻出問題。可是同性戀已經有幾百年有記載的歷史。同性戀並不會傳染。




同性戀者的痛苦,你看見了嗎? 通過了這個法案,離婚率就會下降嗎?

I am not upset about the election result. I predicted it will come out that way. What I worried most, is that church in the US became a force of intolerance, much like Muslims in the middle east.

Homosexual is genetic. There are only 1 percent of the population have that tendency, and they are not contagious, to you or your family. You are NOT under threat. Further more, homosexual people don't "choose to be" that way. Most of the gay comes from traditional family. And children raised from homosexual environment turn out to be 99 plus percent heterosexual.

I feel treating gays and lesbians as a behavior problem is harsh and inhumane. Unfortunately, that is the stance of most church in the US. Billy Graham came out supporting the NC amendment in the last days before election. My neighbors who attend Baptist church go on Facebook to proudly demonstrate that they voted. They don't even know that they are conducting a cruel act toward a very minority who won't do any harm to the society.

People are born with different color, gender, height, or even health conditions. Modern science think Sexual Orientation is just another dimension of that difference. It is unclear why this self-defeating gene was passed down over generations, but it is harmless to others. I feel the only humane way to treat these people is to be tolerant. We can peacefully live together. There is no need to push them back into the closet, asking them to live in the dark corner of the society. That's what Muslims do. Christians should know better.

I will continue to try my best whenever there is an opportunity to explain the importance of tolerance. Homosexual people will never have enough vote to protect themselves. It is only when heterosexual people willing to understand them, they have a chance to live a less isolated life. I believe Christians have the love and courage to be the understanding party.

I hope you will understand where I come from. I am not offended by your post. I seized the opportunity to educate people who has never think of the other side, that I believe is a more humane way forward. In this sense I should thank you for bringing up the topic and giving me the chance to say my views. So thank you.

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