Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boston Globe endorse Elizabeth Warren

Boston Globe endorse Elizabeth Warren

 "She’s a relentless striver whose life story represents the best of American upward mobility. As a young mother, she worked her way through community colleges and state universities to become the nation’s top expert on financial consumer protection."

"And after earning an enviable job at Harvard Law School, she pushed her way into the political arena, wrangling with such renowned inside players as Larry Summers and Tim Geithner to achieve her goal of creating a consumer protection bureau. Her crowning achievement, the bureau guards the interests of average citizens contending with credit-card companies, student-loan holders, auto lenders, credit bureaus, and more. Anyone who’s felt powerless to escape a fee that seems unfairly imposed, or to cover an interest rate they didn’t bargain for, owes Warren a debt of gratitude."

"The fact that she didn’t stay on the sidelines, enjoying her teaching gig, attests to her commitment to what she believes in."

What strikes me most, though, is that she was a registered Republican for 10 years. Not a politician back then, she turn to become a Democrat at the age of 45.

A firm believer of "personal freedom, personal responsibility" at young age, she realized through life experience how unfair life can be to some people. Her research into personal bankruptcy statistics changed her view on why people file for bankruptcy. Contrary to popular belief that these are irresponsible, reckless people, they are often victim of life's unpredictable fate - a health problem, a close relatives sudden death, and lost of job at an unfortunate time.

What strikes me, is that at $300,000 annual income, she doesn't need to get in these dirty fight. She can enjoy a good life quietly. But she chose to fight the debt collection industry, made and making more enemies in this huge interest group.

What drives her? According to her own words - Matthew 25:40 - "as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me."

To me, this should have been what Christianity is all about.

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